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Serial No. 564

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3 Stage U.V. Light System

Type: 3 Stage U.V. Light Counter Top system with wall hanging facility.
Filter: Active Carbon Block Cartridge (Model: 532)
Bacteria 0.3 micron Polyethylene Cartridge (Model: 504)
Ion Exchange Resin (Model: 503)
Ultra Violet Light (Model: 015)
Function: Removes Chlorine
Eliminates bad tastes and odours
Reduces metals
Removes harmful bacteria - eg. cholera, e'coli and amoebas etc
Kills living organisms in the water
Softens hard water
Removes suspended material
Reduces nitrates

Dimensions and Specifications

Width: 11 cm
Length: 40 cm
Height: 34 cm
Weight: 4,8 kg
Pressure: 20 psi
Flow rate: 120 lph

Flow rate 2 litres per minute
Filters 10 000 litres or 1 year
Municipal and Borehole Water
Should be changed sooner should water be of poor quality
220 volt power supply required

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