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About Pure Water Purifiers

Pure Water Purifiers have been in Southern Africa since 1996 and have been available from selected Health Shops, Doctors and Chain Stores.

Our large range of purifiers cater for a variety of needs and the filter cartridges provide several functions and fit most other makes of purifiers.

Water is our most precious resource. Without it life, as we know it, would cease to exist on earth! However we are polluting the water faster than Nature can clean it.

"Pure" Water is saving the world's water one tap at a time!

So many illnesses are caused from chemical and / or harmful bacteria present in our drinking water. The Medical Industry will confirm this - just ask your Doctor or Health Practitioner.

By the time we receive our drinking water it can contain bacteria, pollutants, rust, lead, pesticides, chemicals i.e. chlorine - just to name a few. Chlorine alone can be very dangerous to ones health and long term can cause cancer.

Boiling water does not remove harmful particles.

That is why "Pure Water Purifiers" are so highly recommended.

"Pure Water Purifiers" are convenient, economical to operate, very effective and inexpensive to purchase.

Our patented Polyethylene 0.3 or a micron bacteria filter is so effective that it can filter out cholera, e'coli etc, making it safe for a baby to drink this water straight from the Purifier - no boiling required - just remember to always sterilize baby's bottles correctly.

Our purifiers do not remove minerals from the water - so no need to re-mineralize your water!

When you have a purifier make sure you take advantage of the wonderful purified water and cook in it, wash your vegetables and salads, make tea and coffee, water your indoor plants and make sure your family drinks the required 8 glasses of healthy water a day for good health! Even your cut flowers will last far longer when you use "Pure" water.

"Pure Water Purifiers" carry a 5 year warrantee on main purifier and each unit has a Helpline to assist our customers with any queries they may have i.e. installation and filter re-ordering requirements.

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